How many guavas does it take to break a permanent retainer?

These past several weeks have been quite busy. Here’s a quick recap of what we’ve been up too:

  • Bob came to visit from Western International.
  • We met with some of faulty at the Saint Augustine University Of Tanzania to discuss extending the FITI program throughout the university.
  • The plastic bag ban in Tanzania initiated as of June 1st (I’ll write more about this in a post to come).
  • We had a couple of very productive meetings with the Mikono Yetu team and spoke about the future plans and proposals for the FITI Corp.
  • We got to watch the sunset from a boat on Lake Victoria… It was so unbelievably beautiful. (Fun fact, while the lake looks stunning, if you swim it in, you risk getting schistosomiasis – a disease that is caused by parasitic wormS).
  • Maimuna took us venue shopping for a good spot to host a FITI day event — which I’m not going to lie, sort of made us feel like wedding planners.
  • We discovered that our building has a rooftop and have been watching the sunsets from up there every day since.
  • We made new friends with the kids that live on the hill behind our apartment. They wave and yell “Mambo” every time (for the entire time) that we’re on the rooftop.
  • And I had to get my permanent retainer re-glued to my teeth – not once but twice – after it debonded the very first week when I bit into a guava.

While I wish I could write more and give you (and future me reading back this post) more detail about our last several weeks, I’m running short on time. Sara and I have a flight to Kilimanjaro that’s leaving in 2 hours…

Stay tuned though! I’ll have a new blog post ready to go up as soon as we get back.

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