Kilimanjaro (The Hidden Mountain)

We spent 4 days and 4 nights in Moshi – the city surrounding Mount Kilimanjaro. We hiked to Mandara Hut (the first base on Kili), slipped and fell in the mud a few times on our way to the Materuni Waterfall, learned about the coffee making process (while eating a bunch of espresso beans throughout) and swam in the Kikuletwa Hotsprings.

Moshi is beautiful… actually it’s beyond beautiful. It’s filled with lush trees and shades of green that I’ve never seen before. Sara compared it to what you might expect of a fairy forest, all foggy and mystical.

Even the people were beautiful. I think my favourite part about the entire trip was making new friends and laughing along to jokes with others. Everyone we met was so kind and funny. Some even sang to us!

"Jambo, jambo Bwana
Habari gani
Mzuri sana
Wageni, mwakaribishwa
Kilimanjaro, hakuna matata"

The one thing we didn’t to see though was the peak of the mountain (well, other than the view we had from the plane).

I mean, we really shouldn’t have been surprised… ‘smoke’ is the direct translation of ‘Moshi’ for a reason… But it was kind of a bummer that the mountain remained covered by a sheet of clouds the entire time we were there. 

On the flipped side: It gives us another reason to go back to Moshi.

We’re home in Mwanza now and returning to work this week. Our weekly plan is to edit some of the videos with the team at Mikono Yetu and film another success story at Foundation Karibu (a rescue centre for abused children).

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