Let’s get this party started.

These past couple of weeks have been filled with work, work, and more work. Think I’m being over dramatic? Well last week, we filmed 3 videos – for 3 separate kitchens – in a span of 3 days.

On Monday, we filmed Freddy’s kitchen, The Kineza Milk Group; on Tuesday, we filmed HIDA’s Fermented Food Enterprise; and on Wednesday (the most exhausting yet most fun day of the week) we filmed at Foundation Karibu Tanzania, a NGO that offers psycho-social care to children of domestic violence and their abusers. We’ve spent the remainder of our time editing and attending meetings at Mikono Yetu and with community partners.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining at all – I’m actually really loving the work we’re doing! Getting to chat with the yogurt Mama’s and Baba’s (Freddy) is always exciting and plus, seeing the kids at Foundation Karibu never fails to put a smile on my face… But being busy filming the shorter success videos has meant less time working on the documentary.

Both Sara and I decided though, that these next couple of weeks will be focused on prepping and shooting the doc. Next to come: Visiting dairy farms, meeting up with probiotic experts, following the day-to-day life of a yogurt mama – and an impromptu trip to the Serengeti.

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