Time to Catch Up.

Where do I begin…

Right after returning from safari, we jumped back into work. Almost literally. We returned after midnight and by 6 am the next morning, Sara and I were on a bus headed to Simiyu (2 hours out of Mwanza) to volunteer with Roots & Shoots.

Oh ya, I forgot to mention, before arriving in Mwanza, we reached out to the Jane Goodall Institute to collaborate on a project. We were connected with the Roots & Shoots team in Mwanza (and others in the surrounding regions) and got invited by the coordinator in Simiyu to capture the Chimpanzee Movement as it passed through the area. The day involved going to several schools, filming their on-going efforts to improve the environment and even planting trees in memory of our visits – how cool, am I right? I’m super grateful for the experience and the generosity everyone showed us.

My friend Katembo and I planting a tree at Dr. Chegeni Secondary School in Simiyu, Tanzania.

This is the “Amber Tree.”

It’ll have a plaque with that name on it. They told me it will grow, waiting for me to return again one day to visit it.

We’ve also been able to get a lot of filming for the documentary and video success stories done. We’re practically finished… we have (at most) 2 more days of filming. It’s been a bit hectic trying to get everything done — scheduling, filming, editing and translating — before we run out of time in Mwanza. The biggest challenge is navigating the unpredictability of things here.

But we’re trying our best. We only have two week left and a lot more to do, so wish me luck.

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