About My Internship

Amber Silva headshot photo

About Me
Hello, I’m Amber! I love to create. Videography, photography, graphic design and storytelling are passions of mine and I aspire to work in a profession where I can exercise them. At Western University, I have not only achieved my Bachelor of Arts in Media, Information and Technoculture but am also achieving a Master of Media in Journalism and Communication. When engaging with others, I am known to be open-minded, determined, hardworking and an out-of-the-box thinker.

Internship Placement and Partner(s)
This summer, I will be working with Mikono Yetu Centre for Creativity and Innovation in Mwanza, Tanzania, to create a documentary showcasing the impact of the Fiti probiotic yogurt program on the community. Mikono Yetu is a women-led, grassroots non-profit organization which seeks to empower women in Tanzania (you can read all about the organization on their site!).

Internship Goals
1. Promote health through the benefits of probiotics
2. Empower local community members
3. Create an awesome documentary (and other communication materials) that highlight the success of the probiotic program and the amazing people involved